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ItalCibus was established by Paolo Doino in 2005, after 35 years of experience in restaurant business all over the world.

ItalCibus has always been looking for quality and genuine food and wine products coming from the best Italian companies .He has done this through research, surveys and direct testing.

ItalCibus has given special attention to typical local products coming from all the twenty regions of Italy by only selecting quality food and wine of guaranteed origin.

The assortment of products, with registered and protected designation of origin, gluten free, lactose free, sugar free or kosher certified also fulfils the more demanding palates and the needs of health and well-being.

To always offer the best choice, Mr. Doino goes frequently to the companies, to the farms, to the vineyards and regularly participates in all the best conventions and exhibitions throughout Italy, finding innovative products, with strong local tradition but suitable for the USA Market.

ItalCibus works constantly to spread the knowledge about the origin, the composition, the proper packaging and more of the best Italian products; suggesting pairing and recipes too.

ItalCibus is an importer and distributor at the same time of food, wine and liquors and supplies restaurant, hotels, cruise ships, gourmet and specialized shop all over the Florida.