ASIAGO FOOD has been operating in the market of frozen foods for almost 30 years, offering all-natural premium products for both retail and foodservice.

Always attentive to consumer needs, the ASIAGO FOOD brand is synonymous with quality products and a constantly evolving product line.

When you choose ASIAGO FOOD you have the certainty of purchasing quality controlled premium Italian specialty foods available all year long.

Our company philosophy is innovation, flexibility and attentiveness to consumer needs. Our goal is to provide today’s modern consumer with healthy, quality convenient food solutions and a constantly evolving product line.

Since ten years we farm organic fruits in our organic farmlands in Bulgaria where we harvest mushrooms, strawberries, cherries, plums, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrant, grapes.
We freeze on site within a few hours from harvest in order to guarantee the freshness and quality of our organic fruits.
The microbiological and environment inspections together with the official organic production certification issued by BIOAGRICERT are your guarantee for an absolutely reliable product Asiago Food’s BIO line is 100% certified organic, no added chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.
Our retail BIO line includes an assortment of frozen wild porcini mushrooms, wild berries and fruits available in practical 300 g bags. Specifically produced for professional chefs and distributors operating in the organic food industry, we also offer dried porcini mushrooms, frozen wild or cultivated mushrooms and frozen berries in various packaging formats.