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Burrata cheese is a spun paste dairy product, whose origins are rather recent, similar to mozzarella, yet with a softer and creamier consistency. It came into being in the Bari province, during the early decades of the 1900’s. Nowadays, it is considered one of the most tempting specialities of the Apulian dairy tradition.

Murgella burrata cheese is hand-processed, firstly by creating a spun paste bag which is later filled with a creamy stuffing made of hand-torn mozzarella paste and cream, called stracciatella. The stuffed bag is then carefully closed and the product is ready to be packaged. Burrata thus looks like a smooth white sphere. Murgella burrata cheese won a Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards 2010 (November 2010, Birmingham), placing first among the cheeses in its category. The best way to appreciate our Murgella burrata cheese, is to eat it as it is, or with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and basil leaves



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