Mozzarella di Bufala

Category: Cheeses
Producer: Galdi

Buffalo mozzarella (Italian: mozzarella di bufala) is a mozzarella made from the milk of the domestic Italian water buffalo. It is a product traditionally produced in Campania, especially in the provinces of Caserta and Salerno.
The term mozzarella derives from the procedure called mozzatura which means "cutting by hand", separating from the curd, and serving in individual pieces, that is, the process of separation of the curd into small balls. It is appreciated for its versatility and elastic texture and often called "the queen of the Mediterranean cuisine", "white gold" or "the pearl of the table", in compliance with the finest food quality and taste of the product.
CASEIFICIO GALDI based in Eboli, more precisely in the heart of the SeleValley , an area famous for the production of the best buffalo milk, is one of the largest producers of this fine product.
The company covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters of which 4.000mq of which are used for production where traditional craftsmen and modern technology ensure a high quality standard In their products.
They are able to produce 7500 kg of mozzarella per day, their strength and goal is achieving an high quality product, preserving its flavor and fragrance by coupling modern techniques and the workmanship of old cheese makers.
Galdi is not a founding member of the Consortium’s Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, which is not recognized by the Protected designation of origin in Europe under EC regulation 1107/96 as of June 12thm 1996 in implementation of EEC Regulation nr. 2081/92
Today Galdi’s products are present in numerous world markets, providing every day many of the best retailers in the market.

Buffalo cheese
Ingredienti: Latte Di Bufala intero; Siero Innesto Naturale; Caglio; Sale.
Stagionatura: non stagionato
Pasta compatta
No preservatives, fresh chease to be consumed within few days
Sapore caratteristico e delicato con profumo di fermenti lattici
Packaging: busta termosaldata o bicchiere di plastica
Caseificio con certificazioni Bio, DOP, Mozarella di Bufala Campana e ISO 9001
Region of production: Campania

Spec. D.O.P.
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