Prosciutto San Daniele

Category: Cold Cuts

The authentic San Daniele Prosciutto is renowned throughout the world for its smoothness on the palate, fragrance, sweet taste, and leanness. Similar to Parma Ham the distinction comes from the hogs’ diet and the consequent famous guitar leg shape. In the northeast of Italy, San Daniele’s optimal climate of low humidity, excellent ventilation and cool breezes from the foothills of the Alps offer the perfect ambient for ideal curing. San Daniele specially produces this Prosciutto under Casa Diva as an all-natural product with only simple ingredients pork, sea salt and time, with at least 14 months of aging. Less Description..

Country: ITALY
Brand: Casa Diva
Style: Boneless
Aged: 14-16 months
Ingredients: Pork meat, sea salt
Shelf Life: 12 months
Shelf Life (Open): 30-40 days

Spec. D.O.P.


Friuli Venezia Giulia

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