Sea Salt Coarse - 26.5 oz.

Category: Condiments
Producer: Del Destino

Del Destino Sea Salt comes from the ancient salt-works at Trapani and Marsala, on Sicily’s western coast, where the crystal-clear sea and the strength of the sun, give the salt its richness in magnesium, potassium and iodine. Coarse sea salt is prized in kitchens for its bright, clean flavor and multitude of culinary applications such as lining baking dishes, preparing salt-encrusted meats and making beds for the presentation of oyster dishes.

(Available in a convenient table-top shaker or a bulk pail.)

Country: ITALY
Brand: Del Destino
Special: Kosher
Pkg Type: Tube
Ingredients: Sea salt
Shelf Life (Open): Non-perishable

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