Sea Salt Fine - 26.5 oz.

Category: Condiments
Producer: Del Destino

Del Destino Sea Salt comes from the ancient salt-works at Trapani and Marsala, on Sicily’s western coast, where the crystal-clear sea and the strength of the sun, give the salt its richness in magnesium, potassium and iodine. Pure, finely-ground, natural sea salt has a beautiful, pearl-white hue with a rich, bold taste prized for its ability to stand up to assertively flavored dishes like beef, lamb and cheese, as well as its ability to dissolve quickly and uniformly.

(Available in a convenient table-top shaker or a bulk pail.)

Country: ITALY
Brand: Del Destino
Special: Kosher
Pkg Type: Tube
Ingredients: Sea salt
Shelf Life (Open): Non-perishable

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