Pizza Flour

Category: Flour and rice
Producer: Casillo

Casillo is the first semolina supplier in the world to launch a line of
vacuum-sealed 20kg packaging. The packages can travel for extended periods of time and at extremely high temperatures, without any risk of damage to the product.

0% chance of mold forming within the bag due to humidity,
0% chance of wet bags due to water infiltrating,
0% chance of humidity being absorbed from the surrounding environment!

Casillo, a leader in the production of durum wheat semolina used in all types of recipes, sweet or savory, has a new type of packaging: vacuum packs. Ongoing investment in and commitment to high-quality semolina, ensuring food safety, and elevated, attentive customer service have always been the cornerstones of our business.

Our millers’ vast experience and the professionalism of our fully-equipped, certified laboratories guarantee that our flours are always high quality and ensure that our food products are always safe.

A team of qualified engineers works daily on projects which consistently offer our customers the best choice in terms of logistics and packaging and, more generally, which ensure a high level of service.

Our desire to better serve the needs of our clients is what inspired us to create the new line of vacuum-sealed 20kg packages - a revolutionary system which guarantees nothing but the best.

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