Olive Gaeta - with pit

Category: Olives
Producer: Frutto D'Italia

Black Gaeta Itrana of Lazio Olives

A small dark pink oval olive from Italy. This olive has a meaty texture with a slightly tart to salty flavour. In the roman countryside these excellent olives are harvested at the beginning of spring. After having been left on the trees in winter to ripen, these olives are ready to give their incomparable flavour to our cuisine.
The Gaeta olive is so versatile that it goes well with all the dishes of our rich gastronomic traditions.
These olives are popular as an appetizer, as a salad ingredient, as an olive added to pasta dishes, and as a topping for fish or game. Our chefs, thanks to their inventiveness, create superb dishes with Gaeta olives the "Queen" of olives.

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